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Man at the top

This report from the wire. A new Springsteen record!
Bruce Springsteen to release new album July 30
Jun 3 2002 5:22PM
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bruce Springsteen will release his first all-new studio recording with the E Street Band in 18 years July 30, a 14-song compilation titled "The Rising."

Springsteen's public relations company confirmed the release date, which had been widely circulating on fan Web sites for the last several weeks, in a statement Monday.

The album, to be released on Columbia Records, a unit of Sony Corp., was recorded earlier this year at Southern Tracks Recording in Atlanta and produced by Brendan O'Brien, a producer best known for his work with the group Pearl Jam.

While some E Street Band members played on the 1987 Springsteen release "Tunnel of Love," "The Rising" marks the first recording with the entire band since 1984's multi-platinum "Born in the U.S.A.," the statement said.
In addition to Pearl Jam, O'Brien has also produced albums by Matthew Sweet, Pete Droge, and others.

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Times are a changing

Pareles and gang over at the NY Times have been going crazy lately, and I've been amiss in posting some links to recent pieces. So here are a few.

Pink live, reviewed by Pareles.

Should you trust a movie critic writing about music? You be the judge, as Stephen Holden raves about Liza Minelli live.

Long, meaty, good piece on Eminem's return, by Pareles. This is what Pareles excels at.

Nice piece by Kelefa Sanneh on "rhythm albums," a new trend in reggae: collections of songs based on the same beat. Pretty interesting.

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Rap for education

Anytime musicians break out of their comfort zone and take a stand for something, it's a welcome event. That's certainly true about this news from New York:
Hip-Hop Stars Plan NYC Protest
The Associated Press
Jun 3 2002 10:09AM
NEW YORK (AP) - Some of the biggest names in hip-hop are planning a protest on City Hall this week.

Rapper Jay-Z and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons are among those who plan to demonstrate against Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed school cuts.

Jay-Z has sent out a call to students of the city's public schools over New York radio stations to join the protest after their classes get out Tuesday afternoon.

``Hip-hop artists have the biggest mouths, bigger than any mayor in this country,'' Simmons, who will speak at the rally, said in Sunday's editions of the New York Daily News. ``We've all been too silent about the cutbacks, but if hip-hop artists decide to help fight them, no one can beat them.''
Should probably be noted that Russell Simmons actively supported Bloomberg's rival last year for the New York mayoralty, Mark Green, who employed, uh, me.

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Palmermix on the down lo

I start my new job today at noon. Staff writer for -- well, for a show you may have heard of. That's going to cut down some on posts. I'm not going to post at all at work, which leaves my posting to the mornings and evenings and weekends. I want to keep Palmermix going, but again, posting may be a bit more sporadic. But hopefully still worthwhile. As Dylan sang, "Stick with me, baby/Stick with me anyhow/Things are going to interesting right about now."

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