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Okay, so that was just unacceptable. A week without any posts. The only thing I can say is that it was frosh orientation week at my new job, and thinking up new storylines for the series I'm working on was taking justified precedence. Also the fact is I haven't gotten new music in a month and a half. I'm planning a weekend trip to Amoeba Records. Also the fact that much of my free time has been spent with B. Which is, yes, time well-spent.

I guess the major music news of the past week has been:

Dee Dee Ramone ODing. Well, there you go.

R. Kelly and the Underage Video thing. You would think we would all learn from Rob Lowe's Atlanta adventure back in 1988, which was, it has to be said, a chief highlight of the Dukakis campaign.

News? Other news? What have I been listening to? I borrowed from B that tribute album of covers of all of the songs on Springsteen's Nebraska. It's okay -- I like Hank III's weird honkytonk cover of "Atlantic City," and an electronica version of "Mansion on the Hill." But in general, the album just doesn't have much meat on it. Also listened yesterday to Dolly Parton's "The Grass is Blue," which is a very good, though not great, bluegrass record from a couple years back that Dolly did on Sugar Hill Records, fine label. If you can find them on file-sharing, test-drive "Will He Wait for Me" or "Cash on the Barrelhead."

Listening now to one of Rhino's excellent Poptopia power pop compilations, this one for the 90s -- aside from tracks by Matthew Sweet and the Lemonheads, it features some great one-shots, including New England mid 90s power poppers' Velvet Crush's "Hold Me Up." The 80s disc of Powertopia is even better, featuring the Dbs' "Love is for Lovers," the Bangles' "Goin' down to Liverpool," the Las' ubiquitous "There She Goes," and classics by Marshall Crenshaw, the Smithereens, etc. Check it out.

Okay, I have to go to work. But I'll work hard to post a little more this week. Grazie.

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