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Soul revivals

The new Solomon Burke record is getting a lot of hype. I listened to a few tracks off Amazon, and I'm not impressed. I'm more hopeful for the new soul record by Sam Moore, late of Sam and Dave fame. Only, it's not a new record. It was recorded in 1970. Confused? Here's a piece in the Washington Post telling all about it.

Update: listened to a few of the tracks on Amazon. Pretty damn good -- especially a funked version of the Tennesee Waltz!

posted by Anon. 11:50 AM
Rocking out live

Haven't seen a concert in a while. The Wilco tickets on September 9 and 10th went up like that; I didn't get the tix to the Springsteen show at the Forum. But I do think I'm going to check out Linda Thompson when she comes to the Troubadour on October 12. It's a great venue, and a great moment -- her first time on tour in seventeen years.

The other big news in LA concertgoing is that the Wiltern is being re-opened -- and apparently, they've taken a bunch of the seats out, to allow for more general standing. This is great news for those of us who have long been annoyed that the Wiltern's first fifteen rows are always occupied by industry people, and that you can't stand up for some of the great shows. (It also, contrary to popular thought, does NOT mean there are no venues where everyone can sit and enjoy music in a small space -- UCLA's Royce Hall, where I caught John Prine and Iris Dement a year or two ago, does nicely...) This is bad news, however, for short people.

posted by Anon. 11:48 AM