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Only the good die young

There was a recent bizarre profile on Billy Joel in the New York Times ... one of those perennial profiles on BJ where he complains about not being taken seriously enough as an artist. Waaaaa. Look that piece up, then check out this piece in the New York Post, where Billy complains about the piece that had him complaining. Good times.

posted by Anon. 10:18 AM


It's my birthday, too, yeah

Tomorrow, September 26, marks my 28th birthday. 28 years of walking around on God's golden acre. 28 years of ... listening to rocking tunes.

Well, not quite. I do have some memories of Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly, and Ink Spots being played growing up -- and I do remember buying Toto IV as my first record purchase. But really, my love for rock and roll seemed to happen right around, uh, puberty.

Birthday songs, anyone? There are some good ones. Yes, yes, the Beatles' "Birthday." Then ther'es a lovely song Loudon Wainwright III did for his daughter, who grew up into a recording artist of her own, Martha Wainwright: "Happy Birthday Martha." And that old Phil Spector Wall of Sound classic, "Happy Birthday Baby" -- forget who wrote it.

What other Birthday songs do ya got? Suggestions? Email them in to yours truly!

posted by Anon. 1:43 PM