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New rocking tunes

In my general effort to keep up with what the kids are listening to, I came late to the bandwagon this week with two CD purchases. The Donnas' Spend the Night, and the Hives' Veni Vidi Vicious. Picked them up for cheap at the Warner Brothers company store. The Hives record does very little for me -- again, it has many of the problems that have kept me from enjoying the Strokes and White Stripes as much as everyone seems to think I should: namely, while the sound is energetic and loose, the songs just ain't there. I was more surprised by the Donnas, who have both energy and some songsmithing ability. The record is still too samey sounding, but I think this is one that I'll keep spinning and may very well further my way into.

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More Oatsie1

I've received dozens of requests along the same lines: "More Oatsie1." Yes, people can't get enough of my mother's appearances on Palmermix. Including, apparently, my mother herself, who provides this chestnut for the day:
I cannot explain what Bobby Darin singing "Beyond the Sea" did to an entire
generation of Catholic school girls in Philadelphia, P.A. (Probably to public
school girls too, but then we never spoke.)
At the Jersey shore that summer, my friend Joey had a white Impala with red
leather seats and we would drive (we didn't know from cruise) up and down
Atlantic Avenue listening to that song. Maybe because we spent half our lives
at the beach, maybe because it was the first "romantic" song that was from
somebody kinda in our generation, maybe because Darin was brash enough to
say he was going to be the next Sinatra (not knowing that Sinatra was going
to be the next Sinatra) or maybe because it turned out he never got the big
time he wanted--whatever, it was swell then and I still turn up the volume on
my car radio every time it's played.

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Good cause

Saturday night arrived. It was cold in New York, but not cold for New York, and I was glad I was wearing an undershirt underneath a suit, shirt, and Burberry raincoat. Made it down to a cocktail party in Soho -- hosted by the son and soon-to-be-daughter-in-law of a famed political correspondent/anonymous novelist, it was a good group of journalistas and the like. My mother and stepfather, the Lower East Side's most prominent blogger and his ladyfriend, and old family friends who used to take me along when I was a kid when the wife had to review burger joints for the LA Times.

I avoided the political conversation, and instead talked about Turkmenistan with the host, who had served there in the foreign service, and Richard Thompson, Woody Guthrie, and Mark Knopfler with the host's stepmother. She extolled the virtues of the Fordham University public radio station, which a co-worker had already turned me on to -- it's a fantastic mix of Americana, alt-country, singer-songwriter, folk, etc.

After that, my crew headed over to the Kristen Ann Carr Fund annual benefit, held in a cavernous barn in South Street Seaport that's usually reserved for weddings and stuffy rubber chicken dinners. Not so on Saturday. Good times were had in abundance. Good times included dancing to "Raspberry Beret," "Jack and Diane," and, a surprise to hear, Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" -- whose frank "I didn't get laid, I got in a fight" predated Liz Phair by several years. Meanwhile, my mother and Little Steven bonded over South Africa and New Jersey, though not necessarily in that order. It's a wonderful party and cause, and I recommend attending next year.

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Come home, America

This Friday night on CBS, the network that brought you WKRP in Cincinatti and Murder, She Wrote (okay, and lots of great current television programs that may employ me at some later date), at 9 p.m., the time that brought you, I don't know, lots of events in life that you no doubt remember, you'll find Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It's an hour long special. It's Bruce. Yes, it's a Friday. But it'll probably be snowing where you are. And it's Bruce. So watch. Or use that Tivo thing that I still don't own.

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More photo fun

Evidentally one thing I missed in missing the Grammys was Sheryl Crow's striking impersonation of Mariah Carey.

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Not quite Clarence, but...

This photo deserves special display.

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Epstein, continued

For the last several months, I could count on at least one hit per day coming from someone looking for information about "Howie Epstein," and Google or another search engine would direct them to my post about Epstein being fired from the Heartbreakers. Now, this sad news of yesterday has resulted in a larger hit total than I've had on any day except on ones when Instapundit linked here.

Anyway, for those looking for more information about Epstein, here's his entry in the AllMusicGuide.

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Great White

Also haven't had a chance to post about the Rhode Island nightclub disaster, which just is too bizarrely tragic for words. Anyone who has lived in Rhode Island, particularly in Warwick or Providence, knows full well that there's a very large chance that the nightclub wasn't up to code, or that money exchanged hands to avoid having to set the club up to code. The whole indoor fireworks concept feels straight out of Spinal Tap. All in all, very sad and tragic. The RI state attorney general's office says the band has been hugely cooperative, the nightclub owners less so.

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I didn't watch 'em. I wish I had, if only to see the Springsteen-Costello-Little Steven version of "London Calling." But in reviewing the winners -- eh. I do like that Norah Jones' record -- though I think "Don't Know Why" isn't the standout song on the disc. I was glad to see The Flaming Lips win an award. Also glad to see Jim Lauderdale and Ralph Stanley win for bluegrass. And glad to see Bruce win a few to compensate for not winning the biggies. And glad to see photos that show that Sheryl Crow is fast hitting Courtney Love levels of physical reconstruction mixed with high fashion.

But in general: feh. I have had more than one person confess to me, shyly, that they thought N'Sync did a great job of singing BeeGees.

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More Howie

Finally, an obituary is up, on CNN.com. Evidentally it was an overdose.

Update: there's a more detailed obituary on the Rolling Stone site.

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There hasn't been much activity on Palmermix recently due to my being in NYC for the annual Kristen Ann Carr Fund benefit. I'm also now fighting either a cold, flu, or fever, I'm not sure which. But it was a wonderful weekend; more to report soon.

But the sad news of the day is that Howie Epstein, the former Heartbreakers bassist, producer of John Prine's wonderful The Missing Years album, and husband of Carlene Carter, died. John Barnes gave us this info; there's information on Tom Petty's website, just skip the flash intro and get to the "news" section.

I've looked on the Reuters and CNN.com wires, and so far, nothing has been posted about the death. I do know that Epstein was suffering from severe drug problems, that resulted in his being thrown out of the band. But I don't know if his death was specifically drug-related.

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