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Yuk yuks

Sometimes you gotta love The Onion.

posted by Anon. 12:03 PM


What year is it, again?

It's taken me far too long to finish the assembly of my annual mix CDs to distribute to friends. The Palmermix YIR 2003 is a two-disc affair, and I think I'm this close to finalizing it. Last year, I had it done by St. Patrick's Day. This year... well, I have a job.

Last year also was single disc, and this year I'm offering up more than two and a half hours of the ROCK (well, okay, a little bit of rock, a lot of singer/songwritery stuff, a couple British groups, and some twang and alt-country) to people who damn right should be proud to call themselves FRIENDS. Or acquaintances. We do not discriminate.

I'm working at work now, but listening to disc two. It's a fine disc, maybe a little too upbeat -- I seem to have put all the slower numbers on disc one -- but so far the only questionmarks are whether to keep a song by the Coral that I think I might tire of, and which two Springsteen songs to feature. Right now, it's "Into the Fire" and "The Rising." But "Mary's Place" might replace "Fire."

The only other artists who had releases last year who merit two songs on the two discs? Beck, The Flaming Lips, and, yes, Wilco.

Update: An anal reader points out that if Palmermix YIR 2003 is done, then I'm way ahead of schedule! True, I was talking about YIR 2002 above. Sorry.

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Heaven forbid that the war in Iraq distract us from Sir Paul being defensive about the deserved backlash of his wanting to reverse the Lennon-McCartney credit.

posted by Anon. 12:13 PM

Jon F emails asking if the Costello supergroup post was an April Fools' joke.

The answer is, maybe, and if it was, then I was fooled by it as much as you were. My apologies.

I do admit, I couldn't really see Costello palling around with Graham Parker and Joe Jackson. He kinda seems "beyond that."

posted by Anon. 12:11 PM