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I don't like you, but I love you

Listening to one of the few Early Beatle records I own -- With the Beatles, the one with the famous black and white photograph, where the most famous singles off the record are "All My Loving" and "It Won't Be Long." As with many other Beatle records of the period, it's also full of covers, including "Roll Over Beethoven," "Please Mister Postman," and "You Really Got a Hold On Me."

I forget what a wonderful song "Really Got a Hold on Me" is. I often forget it in my "favorite Smokey Robinson songs," favoring later classics like "Tears of a Clown" and "Tracks of My Tears." But the plaintive yearning of "You Really Got a Hold of Me" makes it one of the greatest soul songs of all time, in my opinion. In fact, it'd make a fine wedding song.

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A large amount of work and a visit from a friend from New York have resulted in little posting to this or its sister site. Hope to be remedying that in the days ahead.

Saturday night, at a restaurant in the artist's loft district, we could hear in the distance the familiar sound of the "Ballad of John and Yoko." A pleasant song. Then, minutes later, I broke from conversation and could hear only the bass line of a Beatles song. I knew the bassline well, but couldn't immediately identify it. At first, I thought it could be "Mean Mr. Mustard." But then, no, a dinnermate realized it was "Don't Let Me Down." Strange how it's so easy to ignore or not even discern the bass of a song, yet when the song is distant, muffled, far away -- it's the bass that travels the farthest.

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