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The heat is on

There's some movie on right now that has an amazing 80s cast: Rick Rossovich (the hunky guy in Roxanne), Michael Schoeffling (the hunky guy Molly Ringwald wants in Sixteen Candles), Ben Johnson (who won an Oscar as Sam the Lion in The Last Picture Show), Mark Harmon (who won an Oscar for Summer School -- nah, just kidding), Gary Busey (oh baby), Robert Duvall (one of those flicks where he was just cashing in), and.... Glenn Frey.

This looks like Glenn Frey, a little bit before the health clubs, a little bit after "You Belong to the City" and "The Heat is On. Not the same quality of work that Glenn delivered in Jerry Maguire.

Apparently, it's called "Let's Get Harry." The credited director is... Alan Smithee. That should give you a sense of the quality.

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Presidential rock

You learn a lot from the Digital Music channel on Digital Cable. Since while you're listening to a song, the service helpfully throws up some useful facts on the television screen. Actually, rarely are the facts interesting. But yesterday, as a Robert Earl Keene song played, the screen displayed that "President George W. Bush and his twin daughters count themselves as big Keene fans."

This was disturbing news, and it re-affirmed the horrible discovery I've made the past few months: George W. Bush has pretty good taste in music.

Bill Clinton, our first baby boomer President, had awful taste in music. There was lots of talk about how much he loved Elvis Presley, yet the Elvis conversations in interviews with Clinton suggested that he knew very little about the King. Sure, he knew songs. But there was no real intimation that Clinton went home after a long day at work and listened to Elvis Presley.

Fleetwood Mac? "Don't Stop" wasn't a favorite song of Clinton's; instead, it was the decision of a lower-level campaign peon encharged with picking appropriate songs for campaign stops. Clinton named his daughter after a Joni Mitchell song, yes -- but it was Judy Collins' version of "Chelsea Morning," and not Joni's.

Now, we have Bush. Who likes Robert Earl Keene, and, in Frank Bruni's Ambling Towards History, which I read a month ago, is an enormous... Van Morrison fan.

I'm an enormous Van Morrison fan.

I have to sit with this.

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One thing I've been doing the last two weeks has been listening to the Digital Music channels on my Digital Cable. There's an Americana station. It's not bad -- a little too much Jimmy Dale Gilmore and Nanci Griffith, but some inspired choices, too.

Just heard a song by a group identified as the Thorns, whose debut was just released.

But something about the song sounded familiar. It was bright, power poppy with a bit of a roots rock undertone.

Sure enough, what do you do when your own solo career is floundering? Form a super group with another floundering singer/songwriter.

The Thorns, evidentally, are made up of Matthew Sweet and Pete Droge. Sweet, a reminder, is the Nebraska power pop singer who played and hang with Lloyd Cole and Fred Maher a lot in the '80s, and whose own records featured great guitar work by Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd. Droge had less of a career, beginning with the promising first record, Necktie Second, featuring the catchy novelty song, "If You Don't Love Me, I'll Kill Myself," which received much airplay in '94 or so. (And was featured in Dumb and Dumber, if memory serves.)

I liked the song. Apparently, the album was produced by Brendan O'Brien, which makes sense, given that, aside from Springsteen's recent record and many a Pearl Jam album, O'Brien produced Sweet's 100% Fun and Droge's Necktie Second.

Update: Holy shit. Apparently, the other member of the Thorns is... Shawn Mullins. Yes, Shawn Mullins, who had that horrendous top 10 hit "Rockaby" -- at least that's what I think it was called -- three years ago. That was the one with the spoken word verses, where he described an LA Fairfax club girl, with the chorus, "Everything is gonna be alright, rockaby."

Amazon gave it a good review, though.

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Is Palmermix dead?


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